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What are ORCiDs and DOIs—and Why Do I Need Them?

Feb 15, 2023
10:30 am TO 11:30 am

We’ve all seen a 404-error message, trying to access an old hyperlink. Link rot happens when a site is removed or a URL stops pointing to the right location. Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are reference links that can never rot and are increasingly important in an interconnected research world!

While some fields and researchers have actively incorporated PIDs for many years now, others rely on interpersonal networks and personal websites to connect their research. This workshop will give you skills to augment those important connections with PIDs.

Some might have received a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for an article published in a journal, but they can also be used to share data (field notes, methods, audio recordings, code), connected to a website, or associated with an artwork. An Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCiD) is a unique link where you can connect to all your expansive scholarly output—datasets, articles, exhibitions, projects, interviews, education, residencies, and more.

Used together, PIDs can help you find new collaborators across disciplines, recognize the breadth of your work beyond journals, and allow you to connect to your research practice over time.

*Presented by Jeffrey Demaine (Bibliometrics and Research Impact Librarian) and Danica Evering (Research Data Management Specialist). This virtual event will be recorded and shared on the Sherman Centre's website. 

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